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Architectural Interior and Exterior

Retail · Entertainment · Corporate · Hospitality


CTG Lighting Design Studio can do everything from simple concept designs all the way through construction administration services. We provide full AutoCAD documentation for incorporation into the architectural drawings and electrical engineering drawings, or redlines for your own CAD team to utilize. Services can be tailored to accommodate your needs and budget.

We typically provide Lighting Fixture Schedules and individual cut sheets for each project, for use in ordering all lighting within our scope, along with an estimated unit cost for each light fixture. This helps during the bid process to make sure you are not over-charged for any specific light type, which is all too common, artificially inflating the actual cost and driving the project into cost cutting. And getting you something “cheaper” is always easy for anyone, but not necessarily in your best interest.

For certain projects, such as museums or exhibits, we can also facilitate the lighting package procurement, rather than put it out to bid. This insures the project and owner get exactly what is needed, as well as helps control the cost.