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With an education in Mechanical Engineering and almost 20 years of design experience, Terry can bring the technical and the artistic aspect of both of these together to assist in creating unique lighting fixtures for any project. You may have an idea, but do not know how to fully execute it, or how to incorporate the proper lighting into it. You may not even have an idea yet. All of this can be developed during concept design. Working closely with manufacturers too, we can figure out the best options for each specific project location, as well as constructability.

Terry has created several custom lighting fixtures for various projects that have ultimately lead to the development of standard products. Some of the more well known are the “Pops” series of decorative LED
lights by Winona Lighting ( The fixture was conceived and developed for the Cumberland Mall in Atlanta (click HERE to view image). The “Step” series of LED lights, also created
by Winona, was developed for the Hard Rock Live venue in Hollywood, Florida. A standard fixture offering
by Visa Lighting ( was modified to create a unique look for the Greater Atlanta Christian School (click HERE to view image). The effect was so well received, this was also turned into a standard
product now called “Light Shower.”

“If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the perception of beauty lies in the one who controls the lighting”
– Marlene Dietrich